Get Text Alerts with Anderson Propane

Get Text Alerts with Anderson Propane

Anderson Propane Service is excited to announce our new Text Message Alerts!

We are always trying to find new ways to help our customers manage their accounts and provide you with the best service possible.

Now, you can receive text alerts for the following services or actions:

  • Call Ahead Delivery Reminders for those customers that have requested we call them ahead to remind them to unlock gates and secure pets.
  • Day Before Service Call Reminder
  • Service Technician in Route
  • Delivery completed lets you know exactly when we delivered and how many gallons.  Plus, the alert will provide you with a link to our online fuel portal to quickly access your account details and pay.
  • Posted Payment alerts will provide you with the added security of knowing when your payment has posted to your account.

Signing up is simple; give us a call or click here and sign up online, now.

We just need to verify your account and add the mobile number with which you wish to receive the alerts.  It really is that simple.  There is no added cost to your account for this service, however, do check with your mobile phone provider in regards to the costs of receiving messages.Woman outside using smartphoneIf you find that you no longer wish to receive the alerts, it is just as easy to cancel.  Give us a call or drop us a line with the request to terminate and we will remove this service from your account.

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