It depends on what you currently have and what you are replacing it with. Simple installs that do not require a County Permit are usually done in one day or less.

Should your installation require a permit, those typically take 4 days or so.

In addition, the time of the year plays a big role. In fall and winter we stay very busy and it can take 6-8 weeks while In spring and summer we can get to you much quicker. Make sure to always give us a call as scheduling can vary even in busy months.

Permit requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Most counties in Virginia require a permit when you are replacing or adding any gas appliance/gas line/or tank.

At Anderson Propane, if a permit is required then we will pull a permit for the work that is going to be done in addition to scheduling the inspections.

Direct Vent units get the fresh air needed to burn from outside your home. These fireplaces will have a glass covering on the front.

Vent Free units get the fresh air needed to burn from inside the room they are located.

Gas Logs in masonry fireplaces can be either Vented or Ventless. To determine which you have you will need to look at the metal data plate.

You can replace them, but only with logs that are specific to your type of fireplace. Reach out to us if you aren’t sure what type of fireplace you have.

Vent Free Gas Logs are the perfect way to get easy heat and great looks! This type of log set allows for your damper to be closed when in use so you get all the benefits of the heat.

We’ve got you covered! Our sister company, Anderson Propane, will install gas line and a propane tank that can be rented yearly at a reasonable rate. Submit an inquiry form or call us to get started today!