Anderson Hearth & Home Online Review Policy & Terms of Service

Anderson Hearth & Home is dedicated to publishing the customer feedback we receive. This policy applies to company reviews submitted by customers through the GatherUp, Google, or Facebook platforms. Anderson Propane will remove posts when we are alerted that there has been a violation of content policies as listed below:

Personal and confidential information – Posts that contain your or another person’s personal information, including phone numbers, addresses, credit card information or Anderson account information, etc.

Vulgarity – Posts that are obscene, profane, derogatory, inflammatory, or contain offensive language.

Threats – Posts that represent personal attacks or threats on others.

Hate Speech/Discrimination – Posts that advocate against groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Off-topic reviews – Posts based on someone else’s experience, or that are not about a specific service or product provided by Anderson Propane that you are reviewing.

Advertising and solicitation – Posts containing advertising or solicitation will be removed.

Illegal content – Posts that contain or link to unlawful content will be removed.

Third-party content – Posts that contain materials that are by a third-party.

Misrepresentation – Posts that are submitted fraudulently on behalf of others or misrepresent the reviewer’s identity or connection with the Anderson companies including unverified customers.

Litigation – Posts that mention ongoing legal matters or proceedings.

Marketing: All posted reviews can be used by Anderson Propane Service, Inc. for marketing or advertising purposes.